Hey surfers!  We’ve been working on our watch app for the last few months.  It’s ready, but we have run into a snag we can’t do anything about.  You see, water is really great for surfing, but really terrible and allowing electromagnetic signals through.  What does this mean?  Simply, it means that the GPS needs to be above water to maintain contact with the satellites.  Guess what you’re doing right before catching a wave? Yep, paddling…with your hands in the water.  This is killing the signal in most cases.  We are going to run a couple more tests to find alternatives but we may heavily caveat the Watch release so that your expectations can be met.  We want to deliver an excellent product to you and right now it’s not excellent.

However, we’ve been asked how we use the app.  We take our phones with us!  Our real standard iPhones?  Yep!  We have a protective case and it works really well.  We are going to be selling these soon so if you’re interested, contact us and we can hook you up when we get them in stock.  More info soon!




So, in creating this app, I have found that started to take note of how my take off looks on the graph.  That’s a biggie.  It also directly impacts my ride quality and length.  Depending on the wave shape, if I angle a little bit more I can get right into the face of the wave and just cruise down the line.  On beach breaks, I know I need to push harder on the rails to really engage and escape the lip that is clearly preventing me from getting more distance.  However, what’s been rad is that I get to see how fast I go.  In one instance I went around 20 mph.  That’s pretty darn quick.  I remember that wave!  I marked it as a favorite in the app, and actually created the favorite button specifically because of that.

However, I need to do more and that’s what is going to be fun.  Being able to see how many waves you catch per hour is good info to have.  The more you catch, the better you’re getting.  Once we start linking that with tide data and surf forecasts, things are going to get super cool.